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Frequently asked questions

Why can't I hear any audio?

Prior Prior to our broadcasts, the stream will contain audio so you can adjust your audio and volume settings. Please make sure the internal volume on your computer is set, and any external speakers are switched on and set as well.

Why do I hear an echo?

Check if the web page has been opened in multiple windows or tabs. Close the tabs and browser windows that aren't used for watching this broadcast.

Which technical specifications do you recommend for watching?

The broadcast can be watched on most computers or mobile devices with a recent web browser. In some cases, Adobe Flash Player is required. We advise to use an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 4 mbit/s.

Can I watch the broadcast on my tablet?

When using a tablet, a web browser which supports HTML5 H.264 video is recommended. We recommend Mobile Safari (iOS/iPad) or Chrome (iOS/iPad, Android).

Which web browsers are supported?

  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Microsoft Edge 44+
  • Apple Safari 12+
  • Mozilla Firefox 68+
  • Google Chrome 77+
  • iOS: Mobile Safari -of- Chrome (iOS10 en hoger)
  • Android: Chrome (Firefox voor Android wordt niet ondersteund)

How do I check the speed of my internet connection?

This can be checked at

There doesn't seem to be any video on the page, how come? (Windows / Mac OSX / Linux)

Check if your browser meets the specified requirements.

Can I watch the broadcast from an office/practice/hospital environment?

For of security reasons, many corporate and hospital networks have restricted access to live streams. Please refer to your ICT support team to make sure there are no resctrictions on watching WEB TV broadcasts.

The video stutters / slides are not in sync with video

This issue may occur when the internet connection is not stable. This might be due to an unstable wi-fi connection, or insufficient internet bandwidth. In many cases, refreshing the page by the F5-key or CTRL-R combination on your keyboard can solve the issue. When making use of a wifi-connection, try connecting your computer to the internet with a cable.

The following message is displayed: 'Only secure content is displayed ' (Windows Edge).

Click on "Show all content" to load the the livestream.